Jstevieo – IP Has 24 hours To Say Sorry

IP has well and truly ruffled the feathers of Sean Cassidy and his wee bunch of girls hasn’t he 😉

For the first time today, i saw Jstevieo have a meltdown and lose his head completely over IP lol. Especially when an Ivlog Mod PM’d him to warn him about harassment of another caster (seems a popular occurrence with Jstevieo and Ivlog)

But by far the most hilarious part of the day, was when they all moved over to Lardo’s cast on Kageshi. Here you will witness Stevie go full retard and try and act like he’s some big time gangster who can order deaths, beatings and kidnappings back in his native home of Ireland.

Yeah, we know it’s all bullshit, but watch and enjoy the lulz as Stevie turns Don Corleone for the day and orders Irelands Patriot to make a public apology to Sean Cassidy (aka Caine) , himself, and his Daughter and family.

This is funnier than a Chris While meltdown 🙂





I sincerely hope IP tells them all to go and suck his d*ck. These idiots throw threats around like a Paedophile throws around sweets. But that’s all they are. Just idle threats.

Oh and Stevie, a question for you Sir if i may. You say it’s deplorable that somebody doxxes a dead person. Did you have a seizure and not see Theresa (aka MichelleStacy)  saying it would be fun to pull out that image of that casters dead Mother and start publishing it again? You failed to comment on that at the time?

I mean, it was in your cast the other day?

Or are your morals only in effect when it’s somebody you don’t like?

Sorry, but you are a hypocrite. Either posting pictures of dead relatives is despicable or it isn’t?

Do let us know when you have decided.

Until then, stop trying to act the gangster, it really is embarrassing.


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8 Thoughts to “Jstevieo – IP Has 24 hours To Say Sorry”

  1. Jobber

    Good man, Karl.

    Jstevieo can’t seem to handle the fact you are pointing out his hypocrisy, it’s very fucking cute how he adores MS, isn’t it.

    Another thing I noticed is his falseness to be nice to people, he over does it a lot, and just now as I type this he is using Chris_Mckraken’s dad’s death to look like a saint. What a cunt.

  2. RUBY

    who,s the old guy in a cardigan and a tie :L im so out of the loop …

    1. The guy at the top you mean? Don’t know Rubes, first time i’ve ever seen him myself.

  3. RUBY

    who,s the old guy in a cardigan and a tie :L im so out of the loop …..

    1. RUBYroobiRUBYYY

      just call me ruby 2 times idk how i did that >..>

  4. No Excuses

    Jstevio the wannabe gangsta, made your self look like a real idiot here Stephen with your double standards, we all know about Michelle Stacy and the fact she was posting pics of someones dead mother and laughing about it, but i guess you find that ok. as others have said your a Hypocrite

  5. brandonMcVicar

    Jsteveo is a delusional mentally ill loser and sexual predator ,steveOpedo thinks hes a mafia don or a powerful man,he sits in his fart and weed smoked flat with his delusion of grandeur FUCK JSTEVEO and his gang of bullys and sickos FUCK caine,banepwns,billy,nightsparow,SOPEDOrano,LARDO;qusimoney,pink.roper,MS;scuttlePEDO,all these low life creeps are cowards WHO ONLY ATTACK THE WEAK AND VUNRABLE for the last 10 Years they have abused,hurt,suiside,and torture now SEAN aka IP will be the storm that brings down these criminal scum makin death treats and trying to intimidate people ,theres a Army working against Jsteveo and his gang
    jsteveo and his gang will be prosecuted and go to prison they will not get away with their abuse
    sincerly yours
    Brandon Mc Vicar aka jsteveo destroyer

  6. selousscout1

    jstevieo has threatend to kill or physicall harm and torture
    threatening words and behavior is verbal abuse is a crime this nneds to be reported and investigated -jstevio terroristic threats-
    1-threaten to have sean testicalls cut off and stuffed in his mouth
    2.threatens to use a terrorist group to stalk and intimidate sean
    3.threatend that sean would be tortured and have his body mutilated and broken
    4.thretens that sean will be gang staked and has IRA members harras and watch
    5.jsteveo has his team of abusers and crimals like caine,banepwns,lardo444,monkeysniffer,michelle stacey,roper,billy,nightsparrow etc..these people are part of a TI gang stalking and dangerous abusers who cause people a lot of suffering and harm
    6.jsteveio has said he will use terrorists to use sadistic and terrifing methods to kill sean aka IP in the shadows is the vile stalker and coward CAINE who is involved in a lot of criminal activity and abuse
    this video has enought proof that will finally put jsteveO into prison and many of his partners
    its time to STOP this gang
    karl thank you for this fantastic blog and your hard work and excellent reporting

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