Clips Of The Week Ending 20-11-2016

Just a few tongue in cheek clips that you might have missed over the last 7 days in Social Casting land. From SexyChris enjoying stardom in the boozer to an assassination attempt on Bailey.




Steelie Explains His Temporary Cashflow Situation:

Cam explains why his cards are often declined in Bars.


Anita Lays Down The Rules:


Seems legit 😉

Bobb Re-Enacts His Trump Assassination Attempt Heroics With Bailey:

**Disclaimer: No Bobb’s or Animals were hurt in the making of this video.


JokerKingofMisfits: Question Of The Week.

MonkeySniffer Is Running Scuttlebutts Just Fine:

Good old Janice, the haggis eating Admin from Scuttlebutt’s, has been doing a splendid job of saving Shawnio a lot of time and effort in the collapse of a once decent blog;


Way to go Jan. Give it another 6 month of photoshops and 10 posts on the trot about Von Helton or Cr3am and you might as well run the blog from your bedroom 🙂

Positivevibe: Don’t Mess With IP:

Watch as Tony issue’s a stark warning to BillyBobCesspool and anybody else thinking of taking on Irelands Patriot.

No wonder Cesspool ran 🙂

SexyChris: People Were Recording Me Singing In The Pub.

I bet they were Chris….i bet they were lol.

Until next time, take care, be safe, and no matter how bad life seems, remember, there really is somebody out there worse of than you 🙂

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3 Thoughts to “Clips Of The Week Ending 20-11-2016”

  1. The_Maze

    LOl Steelie has lost more bank cards than Chris While.

    How to lose 2500+ Visitors to your blog in less than 6 months let Janice post a load of crap over and over

    Good ole Anita so many rules, but she breaks most of the ones she has listed.

    hope the pooch is ok after it got fell on.

  2. Scuttlebutt The Gay

    Scuttle’s blog is just a bunch of old butt hurt perverted pedophiles and faggots from Lardo’s clique, these days. It hasn’t been relevant for a while. Janice is the final nail in the coffin. The woman clearly has a lot of mental issues and a very low IQ. She’s too stupid to see just how stupid she really is

  3. Baboultr

    Oh Boy! I better not tell Anita about the Muslim thing!

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