AngelStormee – The Number 1 Troll On UKM

This is something Maze and myself have been dying to release for months and months. The woman who claims she doesn’t come here, Mr’s Leah – Angelstormee, not only lies about that, but has in fact, 24 different usernames…if not more.

You see, she’s been on here trolling Wayne and even Chris for about a year now.

How do we know it’s her?

Simple. She did a Janice (Monkeysniffer) and in a fit of rage with Chris one day, posted a private message that Chris had made on Facebook.

And just like Janice, she posted it without realising that her profile pic was in the same spot where it would be if that was screencapped from HER Facebook.

Full credit to Lipalert who noticed it and emailed me to let me know.

Why not say anything sooner?

Well, it would of been easier to blow her cover there and then. But it’s as clear as day, that Angel is mentally unhinged, so it was pretty much certain that she would continue to vent her rage at Chris, on here, anonymously.

Well, she thought it would continue anonymously.

But when you register all the names under your home IP address, or your Verizon mobile phone IP, it doesn’t take a forensic investigator to discover who is behind them.


So, who is Angel on UKM?



I have a feeling all these annoying Wayne trolls will suddenly disappear now 😉












4 Thoughts to “AngelStormee – The Number 1 Troll On UKM”

  1. The_Maze

    Notice The Helena C one, the real Helena c from what i hear has been getting a lot of grief over some of the stuff thats getting posted here in Muppets chat, when in fact it was angel. yes she has even made up names that troll chris. so now you know the names she uses or used. there is several occasions where she even has a conversation with herself pretending to be to different people.

    1. 666666

      Yes Maze the real Helena C has been getting banned from rooms and others she has been getting a lot of shit, Angel even got her banned from Chris’ room because Chris was looking at what was being said in UKMuppets by Angel pretending to be her and other names and trolling Chris.

      I dont know what Angels game is but it seems she is out to stop anyone from becoming too friendly with Chris. She has turned a lot of his old friends away from him it seems. I never see Amy, Willsmac, Rach in fact any of the old crowd in his room anymore.

      I am even wondering if she puts on a mask and pretends to be a guy called Brian6 as he seems to be the only one she allows to stay friends with him.

  2. Dwayne

    Naw there’s still plenty who can’t stand wayne.

    1. WayneFromNY

      you still butt hurt. do you need a hug ?.

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