Tears Laughter And The UK MichelleStacy

It’s funny how emotions can change so fast, especially when some are so obviously faked 😉

In the space of 12 hours, we had the lot with a Saturday night spent in the company of SexyChris, and what can only be described as the UK version of MichelleStacy, as they get down to some wonderful Karaoke.


Chris Starts Off In A Defiant Mood:

The night started all so well for our Christopher, determined that the internet trolls were going to have zero effect on yet another party night in the city that never sleeps.

** Credit to Babs for the following Video.

And so strong was his defiance, he even dedicated a song to his beloved trolls.

Unfortunately, his determination and will power soon folded, about an hour later actually.

One thing you might have noticed that we don’t post on here, is video’s of people that are crying. I think anybody wanting to see people so upset and distraught have a serious problem. Trolling is/can be fun, but there has to be limits, in my opinion.

But, you only need to watch this following clip to realise this is ‘fake’ as fuck. Remember the similar video of Chris, when he talking to to Pikeman on Skype, when he was pretending to be drunk and all upset?

Well this is like déjà vu.

Now who can cry that long and not once wipe their eyes, or wipe any tears away that are rolling down their cheeks?

And as miracles go, this was pretty good. Not only no tears or snot in sight, but 10 minutes later….

And what better to get you over a heartbreak than a visit from what looks and sounds like Barrow’s gangland ‘enforcer’

Welcome to Kirsty 🙂

Jesus, look at the size of those arms?

So when Kirsty say’s move, you do just that and give up your seat.  And if the lady wants Karaoke, you bloody well make sure she gets it 🙂

It was funny, she kept on having beer poured down the crack of her arse, and never once went to the bathroom to dry herself. I reckon wet, beer stinking panties wins against using faeces stained towels any day 🙂

And after another 3 hours of having to stand up, Chris finally saw them out and off to bed he went.



Never a dull day in Barrow-in-Furness.








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  1. The_Maze

    Now thats some Big Bertha, her and chris would actually make a great couple.

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