Warrrbuck Unbanned From VL 2017

After a year or so being sat in the naughty corner, Daddy Warrr was allowed back on VL, stream key and all.

But there was something different this time. Now, Warrr claims to be sober and not touched a drop of alcohol for over a year.


So Warr doesn’t drink anymore? To be fair, he does sound sober there, but notice how every time he “goes for a cigarette” he takes his cup of coffee with him…then as the night goes on, sounds drunk as a c*nt.

How long will he last? Probably not more than a couple of casts, but as long as he keeps pouring some of that magic coffee he gets from the garden, it won’t be long before the old Warrrbuck is ranting and raging at just about anyone and everyone.









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