Adambro: UKM Tell It How It Is

After the unpleasant news regarding Chris, it’s time to get back to what we enjoy best, some light hearted entertainment with what’s left of the Social Casters community.

And who better to provide that than Adam!

First off, he gets involved in a discussion with his viewers regarding the ‘blogs’ and gives his opinion on how they are run.

**WARNING: Highly likely to send certain people in to a rage and make Adam their next obsessive target

You just know Scuttlebutts will be pissed at Adam for saying that lol. Look how they turned on Babs just for complimenting this place.

But the thing with Adam is, he can take their idle threats and 200 Gifs that Janice will certainly make, so i’m sure he will be just fine 🙂

But the reason i think Adam is great, is regardless of what he thinks about us, he makes me laugh. From his refusal to ever eat a Boston Donut again due to Joker masturbating on his bathroom floor, to his hilarious views on other casters.

So when it came to discussing old casters Roco and Hardwood, who better to tell you about them than Adam 🙂

Buying a new tv when your wife has left you? How awful!

But seriously, you can’t be depressed when Adam casts, he’s just brilliant entertainment. I hope he doesn’t ever get the urge to do a ‘suicide’ cast as they call it and get himself banned, because right now, unless you want to listen to listen to music, he’s the only channel worth watching on VL!

5 Thoughts to “Adambro: UKM Tell It How It Is”

  1. Babs

    Hit the nail on the head Adam!

  2. Sidney

    He cracks me up! Gotta love a bit of Adambro. 😛

  3. The_Maze

    Adam can see people for what they are, . he may now be on Malcolm’s so called hit list , and find scuttles start posting pics of him on there swamp blog but he will just lolz at scuttles,

  4. ShawnioRapedHisSister

    LOL. anyone who agrees with the biggest faggot on the internet must be a faggot themselves. enjoy your adambro, the faggots about all you got left.

    1. WayneFromWestLondon

      and what do you skittlepedos have ?. you got druggy malcolm the tranny lover.

      the king scuttlebutts pedo and janice the queen pedo.

      it seems you people are having young boys pecker pics withdraws again.

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