That Mark And Hardwood Skype Call

First off, i have to give credit and say a big thanks to Infinity from our chat for the following video.

Although it’s just audio, it’s still interesting to hear Hardwood put Mark on the spot like he does, and the rather strange excuse Mark replies with.

Well that was awkward!

What doesn’t make sense here is, Marks talking about a mySQL database back up. For those who are not used to servers and websites, basically everything you see on here, or Vaughnlive, or any other site, needs a database to put everything together, ie all the posts, comments etc etc.

So is Mark trying to say that he backed up a database from over a year ago, that was backed up before Warrrbuck and many other casters were banned?

This site is backed up every single night, so should by some miracle, some butt hurt person get this site closed down, it would be soon back up with the earlier days database. And in the previous day’s database would be the exact same settings, posts, and comments that you all last saw.

Surely Mark would be backing up his site more often than once a year?

Or is this, as some cynics might say, just a load of bullshit, and it was said to confuse the non tech savvy casters into believing it is the genuine reason Warrrbuck was unbanned?

Who knows?

But maybe Mark could call his server hosts and see if they would kindly compensate him 17.50 for each day that he forgot to back up his database?

Sexy time with mySQL’s?







4 Thoughts to “That Mark And Hardwood Skype Call”

  1. RUBY

    LOL Mark sounds like a teenage boy in his bedroom playing with a computer , he,s full of shit , the only reason warren is back is because marks channel is shit there are NO interesting casters there anymore , so he decided hmm lets let the trainwreck back , woman beating mum beating scum , i think that phonecall proves what a lowlife scummy site vaughn is and that he and his MUMMY are both pathological liars ripping everyone off , mark just dig yourself a hole and jump in it! OH you just did 😀 #wanker #immature #stillsucksmummystits

  2. stef

    Hardwood is a big loser he needs to stay in his lane.

  3. Daphne

    Hey if this is the ruby I know from ivlog. First of all your the biggest dumb ass I’ve ever come across. It’s ryan hi fi that’s was quoted being a pedophile not Ryan ribble so if you are going to run your mouth do
    It with facts guess you love the drama you should try quitting drink may help you remeber the shit you read 🙂 ha ha

  4. Daphne

    Such the virtue of morality ruby when I know the stunts you pull online.

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