Birthday Party With Rizzo

It was Jimmy’s birthday yesterday, and while doing his usual daily cast, it wasn’t long before the masses couldn’t wait to talk to him and wish him a wonderful birthday.

We start with Jimmy trying to call Bigyinscotland, and after getting no response, he decides to ring several of his female friends.

I don’t know. These women these days are so sensitive.

Fancy hanging up just because somebody calls you a Romanian slut?

Have they never heard of the saying ‘treat them mean, keep them keen’?

Anyway, it’s Rizzo’s birthday, and if some easily offended women won’t wish him happy birthday, i’m sure his local takeaway will.

What about everybody’s friend, jStevieo?

He’s bound to wish Rizzo all the best, being the kind, thoughtful man he is…

Oops, maybe not.

Ok, as a last resort, there is no way that Scruffy, Mark, or Daryl would even contemplate missing a second of Rizzo’s birthday party. They will keep the party rolling, just you see.

Well, overall, i’d say that was pretty much a success.

Seriously though, Jimmy, you have to remember, you are a ‘customer’ to the Vaughns, nothing more, nothing less.

I’ve proven it time and time again, they don’t give a flying f*ck about any of you, Mark has even said it himself.

But why should they? They run it as a business, and making money is all that matters in business.



Still, at least we didn’t forget your birthday 🙂






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  1. PoorAlexa

    Alexa…Alexa…ye fookin CUNT ye

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