MeNellie: My Father Was A Child Molester

I don’t really have the interest in Social casting anymore (or what’s left of it) but there is still the odd occasion when i will have a quick flick around the usual places.

And this recording was from a few weeks back now. I must of recorded the cast and totally forgot about it.

But after watching it back, i thought it might be worth a post.

Bear in mind this is MeNellie we are talking about here, so you’ll have to make your own mind up as to whether you believe it to be true or not.

If true, then it’s really sad. But, and i say but, it’s Nellie. He loves the drama and the attention, you only have to look at all the troll names he has here lol.

Anyway, like i said, i’ll let you decide.








2 Thoughts to “MeNellie: My Father Was A Child Molester”

  1. Ladylaura

    I stopped reading when I saw another one of your ”must of”s . For fuck’s sake, it’s MUST HAVE DONE, WOULD HAVE DONE, SHOULD HAVE DONE, it’s HAVE never OF. You illiterate fuck wannabe blogger!

    1. 666666

      Another fan I see or is that Ruby in another one of her many names still gunning for you for daring to diss her beloved Chris “Peado” While. Where is he btw I don’t imagine for one moment he has given up a life of on line begging.

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