How Does It Feel To Be The Dumbest Person Alive: Part Three

The 30th May 2018, i promised you this….

Fast forward 14 days, and Daniel strikes again 🙂

Now just take a look at the domain of the blog that was closed down LOL. No extra letters added, none removed, just the genuine domain of the same blog that Shawnio had closed down several times before they had to move to paid hosting.

The fact that he has wrote a post claiming some kind of victory over the the guy that had all their decent posts deleted for good is just something else.

But it’s not just Daniel that seems to be lacking in a brain cell.

Look at the comments lol.


I swear i’ll never mock 3Bairs again 🙂







How long for part four?






2 Thoughts to “How Does It Feel To Be The Dumbest Person Alive: Part Three”

  1. The_Maze

    I’d say before the end of June 2018.
    I put the year so Monkeysniffer knows what year were in.

  2. Monkeysniffer, how can you be so retarded, you just made a post boasting about how shawnio got scuttlebutts blog deleted, you’re so out of touch with reality you now think shawnio owned scuttlebutts corner, that was scuttlebutts blog that shawnio hacked and deleted like 7 years ago.

    how can you make such a critical mistake like that? you were an author on the blog for almost 3 years LMAO

    how much glue are you huffing these days?

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