How Does It Feel To Be The Dumbest Person Alive? Part Two.

If there ever genuinely was a gift that just keeps on giving, then Daniel must be it.

Not only is he a proven hypocrite who likes to accuse everybody he dislikes of being perverts or Paedophiles, while he follows some very young looking girls through his Twitch account (as proven HERE) but he’s also a racist. A racist that’s so intelligent, he even uses his own home internet connection to post his hatred for black people ) as proven HERE.

And of course, lets not forget his inability to distinguish between a home IP address and a VPN (see HERE)

By now, you would think he couldn’t embarrass himself any more wouldn’t you?

Oh no! This guy is solid gold when it’s comes to publicly humiliating himself.

His latest offering really is a masterpiece in retardation.

If you haven’t already enjoyed the latest ‘posty’ then you can view it HERE

For those of you who don’t have a VPN or just simply don’t want to go over there, here are some screecaps of this wonderful piece of journalism 🙂

The thing that makes this post even more hilarious is, he posts his Cr3am Gif right below the post link in his buttbox (their name, not mine).


This is probably the funniest f*ck up Daniel has ever made so far. You can literally just see Cr3am doing a facepalm after reading that and thinking ” what did i ever do to come in to contact with this brain dead moron”

So Daniel, let me educate you my friend.

From the 25th of May 2018, you will probably have noticed that we had to change our privacy and cookie policy. From the basic information that was available when you first entered this site, to the new, GDPR compliant privacy and cookie version.

It is now Law that ALL websites that allow viewer comments, or have contact details etc MUST update their privacy and cookie T&C’s to allow each visitor more control over what each website can store about them.

This includes blogs like this and Scuttlebutts and failure to do so can lead to millions in fines, or 5% of the websites income, whichever is greater.

Here are some screencaps of our new privacy policy:

Which when clicked on, gives you the option we are Legally obliged to now provide you:

Now if you go back to Daniels original image, you can see that Cr3am has just updated his privacy policy to meet the new legal requirements that came into effect from the 25th May.

So not only has Daniel incorrectly accused Cr3am of dishonesty, he’s totally unaware that until he updates Scuttlebuttscorner with the legal required action needed to make his site GDPR compliant, there could well be repercussions.

And before he starts ranting that Scuttlebuttscorner isn’t hosted in the EU, it makes no difference, as neither are we.

But you may have read in the media lately about more and more US websites like some news outlets and other giant corporations, having their sites blocked in Europe due to not updating their privacy policies.

So once again, the angry monkey delivers another tremendous public showing of self humiliation.



What makes this bloke worth his weight in gold, is you just know that it’s only a matter of days before he supplies us with part three 🙂















One Thought to “How Does It Feel To Be The Dumbest Person Alive? Part Two.”

  1. The Cookie Spy

    Monkey must have sniffed to much glue or had bad batch of Crystal Meth his brain is fried. Something in that warped mind of his definetly is not working as it should.

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