Monkeysniffer: How Does It Feel To Be The Dumbest Person Alive?

I shouldn’t keep taking advantage of the mentally impaired. As a mature adult, i really should know better.

But playing with people like Monkeysniffer can provide excellent entertainment on a quiet day at the office. Especially when he makes such a public spectacle of himself 🙂

So, the question Daniel asked was; ‘how does it feel to be the dumbest person alive’

Larger version HERE

Larger version HERE

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Larger version HERE

I must admit, i thought i had him hook line and sinker again when he said he was going to make a post about it. Sadly, i think somebody must of private messaged him and explained that if he had taken 30 seconds to check the IP address showing, that apart from his, they are all VPN’s.


Larger version HERE

I mean, the clue is in the services section. ‘Network sharing device or proxy server’

But even if he was so busy wetting himself, thinking i had made a mistake, you would of thought that he would of at least checked the ISP lol.

Now you see how easy it is to play these idiots.

All it took, was to use one of my Manchester VPN’s, black out the Maze’s IP, even though he too was using a VPN, just to make it look like an accident, then sit back, grab the popcorn, and watch Scuttlebuttscorner make fools of themselves again.

Unfortunately we didn’t get him to actually make a post on it, but still, it was hilarious just observing him thinking he had won the lottery 😉

Larger version HERE

I couldn’t agree more Danny boy…i just couldn’t agree more.










2 Thoughts to “Monkeysniffer: How Does It Feel To Be The Dumbest Person Alive?”

  1. “you’re so dumb” “no I am so dumb” “no I am so dumb” “no I am dumber” “no I am dumber I will prove it, just talk about me I will reply for 2 weeks about that topic” “no way thats a trick you think Im dumb”

    this is what you two sound like

  2. The_Maze

    As homer simpson would say DOH………..
    Dumb Daniel chief wearer of the dunce cap

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