Do We Have The New Fred And Rose West?

You would think that still being currently on a 2 year suspended sentence for one of the most despicable crimes would make you want to keep your head down.

But oh no, it would seem that a certain Mr While and his alleged ‘girlfriend’ Ruby (Lynn Coughlan) still love to issue their idle threats.

I must stress, this is only an allegation as i didn’t witness it first hand, but listening to the way Tony describes it, it does sound very much like a drunken Chris and his loud mouthed girlfriend’s style.

So if we were to take Tony at his word, and i have no reason to not believe what he said, then it just shows what type of people they are.

Chris? We all know he thinks he’s a law to himself, and after literally getting away with every bad thing he has ever done, you can’t blame him.

Although all it would take is Tony or anybody else to record him making any kind of threat and he’s going straight to prison.

No hmmmph’ing or screaming for his ‘mams’ will save him this time.

As for Ruby, or Lynn as she’s known in real life, well, i don’t even know where to start?

We already know that she is happy for her teen daughter to have internet contact with a man who had just pleaded guilty and was convicted for the making and possession of some of the hardest child porn out there, as was documented here but it also seems she’s still using the same 3 year old tactic of ” i’ll get ma kids Dad to come and beat you up lar” when trying, and failing miserably, to intimidate somebody.

Now i could be wrong, this is only my view, but i would be very surprised if any Father would assault anybody if he knew his ex partner was letting his young teen daughter have Skype calls with a bloke just done for child porn, and the most severe there is too.

Which makes me wonder, if these two are together, then don’t you have the disgusting combination of a couple who both have bad tempers, both allegedly willing to use violence to get their way, thrown in with an unhealthy interest in children (certainly on Chris’ side anyway), then would it not be right to be concerned to say the least?

I, for one, can’t think of any plausible reason why any male or female parent, would be happy to have a relationship with somebody who could quite obviously have sexual thoughts about your child?




4 Thoughts to “Do We Have The New Fred And Rose West?”

  1. Uncle_Fester

    If these two are in a relationship it will be a Toxic one. Ruby is just a attention seeker its all she can be for wanting to be with a paedophile.
    as for her empty threats lolzzz what you going to tell your X Ruby someone is giving me grief as i,m going out with a paedophile and hes spoke to your daughter lots.
    Empty threats. And as for the pint size paedo piss pot Chris making threats hahahahahahaha. best giggle i,ve had in a long time

  2. speedy

    This is a pointless post , an drunken lying pedo pervert , talking about an drunken pedo come on karl dragging the bottom of the slime pool for this one , were are the quality posts you used to do? clips of the week? the fun? I dont get why you people are still talking about people who are no longer relevant , tony gets obssessed with women all the time , maddy , madshaz , jayneuk , lildeb , could go on , he got rejected and hes obviously butthurt , stupid post , simply just to have a dig at people you have a grudge against karl. yawn.

    1. The clips of the week are consigned to UKM history now mate. I honestly think i would struggle to do a clips of the year now. The good old days are just that, old days.

      Regarding the post, Tony made an allegation to which he say’s he’s willing to prove.

      Lynn then came forward and made allegations about Tony, also saying she’s willing to prove it.

      The difference being, Tony made his allegation on camera, Lynn made hers in a chatbox.

      If she’s willing to go on cam and make her allegations public then i will be more than happy to record and post it.

  3. FuckRizzo

    Chris While has been spotted on a Blackpool rooftop protesting for cheaper booze

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