Rubyroobiruby: The Tape She Didn’t Want You To Hear

She’s been keeping a fairly low profile since her best friend/boyfriend was convicted of downloading child porn.

But, she’s still around. Casually chatting away with Tony (Positivevibe), her daughter Beth, oh, and what’s his name again????

Oh yes, that’s right…Chris While.

How is he doing anyway Ruby?

I’ll tell you what, lets take a listen and hear for ourselves.

Warning: If You Can’t See The Video, Try Using Chrome Or Opera, as Firefox Has Some Issues With Not Showing The Player.

*the following video is over an hour long, but it is worth listening to it all as it gets better and better as it goes on.

Interesting eh?

So, she is hoping to get revenge on MeNellie and myself by 2019. What revenge could be that for i wonder?

Could it be that we had the audacity to post the truth about her Paedophile boyfriend?

Also what i found interesting, was her admission to trolling Ryderbak. I still have those video’s of Simon, where Ruby was pretending to be Dollparts.

i tormented the shit out of him” “Ryderbak was easy because he came a pisshead”

Hmm! Didn’t Ruby claim people were scumbags for “tormenting the shit out of a pisshead” when Chris, the convicted Paedophile, got trolled online?

But the most disturbing thing of the whole recording is, the fact that she even has her daughter in the same Skype call as someone who has just been sentenced for having indecent images of children.

Why? Just Why?

Or more to the point, is Chris even supposed to be in situations with children after what happened?

I better not say anything else, because i’m scared of Ruby…apparently!

Sorry to disappoint you Ruby, but the reason i don’t go all Chris and rage at you, is simply because virtually nothing in life fazes me.

If you let other peoples views of you upset you, then maybe being online isn’t suited for you.



This recording was taken around 1am 6th January 2018.







8 Thoughts to “Rubyroobiruby: The Tape She Didn’t Want You To Hear”

  1. JoeBobBriggs

    Key segments worth checking out:

    28 mins – Ruby’s bragging about getting revenge on Menellie & Karl
    40 mins – Ruby’s daughter idolizing bi-sexual Tony
    43 mins – Christopher pipes into call. Tony calls him a bitch, Chris upset Tony is trying to steal Ruby away from him.

    1. JoeBobBriggs

      Most of it is fluff, but it gets interesting beyond 50 mins.

      52 min – Chris briefly rages that Ruby wants Chris to skype with Tony

      53 min beyond is Chris talking to her Daughter. This is where eyebrows really get raised. Bethany ask Chris if he’s gay, He firmly says, “NO, it was only a phase.”

      56 min – Bethany (how old is she? 12ish?) gets raged on by Chris. Chris rages questioning her, “Answer the question! Why do you think its ok to talk sexual to someone!”. She laughs and says “Shut the fuck up”

      57 min – Bethany asks, “Why aren’t you on camera? Let’s go on camera”, Chris irately responds WHY ARENT YOU ON CAMERA, she responds again, “Let’s go on camera”.

      The way they both nonchalantly talk, makes it obvious they have spoken many times before. The whole video screams that Ruby pushes her daughter on Skype to talk to her “potential” boyfriends. This was also backed up with the 2 month Facebook activity of her suddenly flooding pictures of her pre-teen daughter. Ruby is a sick sick individual and a BAD PARENT.

  2. Lol

    Ruby, I know you read this blog so I have an important question to ask you and it deserves an honest answer. Why, as a mother, would you let your underage child talk to a man that pled guilty to child porn? You are aware that Chris can get in trouble for speaking to children, especially online, considering he’s now a sex offender, correct? I can’t think of any adult that would allow this to happen, considering the circumstances.

    1. That’s what i don’t get either? Why would anybody want to be a friend of somebody who enjoys watching children being raped?

      And even more worrying, is why you would let your young daughter talk to a man who see’s children as sexual?

      Cat A images are the worst there is. So i doubt these were some 14/15 yr old girl showing her tits on webcam. They are probably toddlers, or very very young at least.

      As for Chris, you are correct. I don’t know the exact conditions of his Court order, but i’m pretty sure that having contact with underage girls will be frowned upon, especially when you are just starting a 10 year Sex Offenders registration.

      He has to be very careful, as just 1 thing he does wrong, and he will be made to serve his 9 months in prison.

      I assume that is why he’s stopped casting lol.

      1. Jayski

        Ruby and that Tony guy are really fucked in the head. She belongs in jail also. Daughter up that late and on a call? Somebody should report her.

  3. Criminal Record.

    Christopher While now has a criminal record for his crimes and proven in court and he pleaded guilty, He is now talking with 12 year old Ruby’s daughter on webcam? I believe the social service should be investigating ruby for talking to peadophiles on skype with her daughter, Tony UK has a history according to Shazuk of taking images of her children in the bath, Ruby wins mother of the year what a disgraceful degrading Peadophile she is now turning out to be,

  4. Nana Adams

    What kind of Mother lets her 13yr old Daughter talk to a convicted Pedo. One Called Ruby from Liverpool thats who. You still trying to say he is innocent Ruby. He as been convicted/charged has to go on a Sex offenders course, but yet you still let your child talk to him and go on camera. You are not fit to call yourself a Mother

  5. 666666

    I am seriously wondering whether Ruby is part of the pedophile ring and has been the whole time. Seems she is pimping out her 12 year old daughter to these people or maybe she is trying to catch Chris out and put him in jail but somehow as great as that would be I think the first option is the correct one.

    Be careful Ruby because if social services do get to here of what is happening you may well lose your daughter and no I am not making a threat just telling you the truth as to what could happen.

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