Happy 2018 To You All

As we get set to say goodbye to another year, i’d just like to wish you all a healthy and safe 2018.

Not much happened in 2017, not social casting wise anyway. We had the odd lulz with Chris, also the more serious matter of his much delayed Court case.

We lost the brilliant iamSonchild (due to trolls). We also had Ruby wanting to kill us all, because we had the cheek to believe that Chris While was guilty before his child porn conviction.

Many other casters just gave up the hobby and left altogether.

What will 2018 bring to social broadcasting? Probably nothing, to be honest.

No sites are busy anymore. Vaughnlive is all but done for social casting. Maybe if you want to watch pirated streams, then it’s still ok. But if you are wanting a laugh, or some drama to keep you entertained, then unless a miracle happens, you are going to be out of luck.

Ivlog is just, Ivlog, and as for the IRL section on Twitch, don’t expect to find anything other than somebody painting, or hoovering up.

It’s a shame, as only a couple of years ago, there was so much happening, i needed 4 monitors just to try and keep up with all the different casts that were on at once.

So although there is not much to watch anymore, we can still have some great laughs, destroying Monkeysniffers mind LOL.

Who knows, maybe, just maybe, the casting scene will pick up again.

If not, you can always touch up your romance skills by watching Jimmy Rizzo:


Hope you all have a wonderful evening. Stay safe, and may 2018 be wonderful for you and all your family.








8 Thoughts to “Happy 2018 To You All”

  1. Mr Blobby

    social casting is dead! 🙁 we had a good run

  2. Babs

    Happy New Year Karl & All,
    Hope everyone has a healthy 2018 😊🎉

  3. The_Maze

    All The Best Karl. Happy New Year everyone. We survived Death threats lolzzz. threats of arrest, police raids, well some us did. 2018 should be a interesting year.


      Survived for now 🙂 tick tock tick tock stalkers asslickers you generally have zero purpose now guest chat has gone all you have is your obssesion for scuttlebutt very very sad . R.I.P ukpuppetts

      1. Hi Ruby 🙂

        How’s that boyfriend of yours doing?


          which boyfriend is that? i have a few (being a slapper and a bad mum)

          1. Oh, what was his name again??

            You remember him, the bloke that likes to watch kids being raped?

            His name will come to me….

  4. LadyLaura

    Cherrybreeze is one of the most pathetic, most desperate female casters I’ve ever seen…

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