Dropping Like Files…

When tricky Dicky said ‘they were dropping like files’ we all thought he meant the chatters that were getting banned left right and center, but no, it appears he was talking about the UK Invasion:

Now before we declare a National day of mourning, fear not, they are still around. Richard, Freestyleradio1 and Just lol have still got their channels active and old Tommy boy has gone back to JTV…..yep, you read that right, remember when Pebbles said and i quote “You’ll come crawling back to JTV one day” which brought a venomous rant from Tom, declaring that he would ‘rather give up casting’ than ever go back 🙂 Well, it appears our resident borefest has neatly packed that tail well and truly between those legs.

New platform, same old paranoid lunatics 🙂

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