Shattered Dreams…

It seems the natives are upset now that this blog is showing what they really get up to, so much so they are clutching at straws and dreaming of being able to close the blog for being slanderous and being a hate blog:

Now sorry to p*iss on your parade, but you are getting mighty confused here little ones. This is a parody blog, here merely to bring laughs and entertainment via your wonderful and often bizarre statements and rants.

Just so this blog is safe and to educate the UK Invasion lads, before launching this blog, i did some research via Solicitors who deal exclusively in slander/lible cases both online and in public:

So what you are dreaming of doing is closing the blog on libel basis. Only problem with that is, libel law states that:

Now this section relates to my justification of posting media of which can be true or substantially true. Now i don’t think it can get much more true than screenshots of what you have wrote yourselves 🙂

Now we will cover any comments made either by myself or any other authors of this blog in regards to media posted:

So basically, as long as any comments are to do with the content of published media, it is classed as ‘honest comment’

                                                Enjoy more reading boy’s 🙂

One Thought to “Shattered Dreams…”

  1. not good enough for uk invasion,,, hahahah… i never wanted to join them in the first place, you are loosing the plot boys

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