They Think It’s All Over…

…it is now 🙂

If you have been following the blog recently you will know about the ‘hacker’ who’s skills are schoolboyish at best. Well it appears they are no more…while we have all been in contact with their ISP Virgin Media over the last week or so, providing evidence with screenshots of them being too dumb to always use their VPN and giving themselves away at every attempt, they have been monitoring all their Internet activity, known only to Virgin and us.

While they was being monitored, they rather stupidly tried to attack the Vaughn password about 100 times, Angies about 70 and also Boo’s, Neal’s and Griff’s. All while being watched….what a retard lol.

Anyway, now they had all the proof they needed, i received this email from Virgin this morning…

Oh dear!!!







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