Freestyleradio1 Becomes The Music Man…

So desperate to no longer publicly humiliate themselves, the boys have now taken to doing password protected casts to the handful of people left that they think they can trust. But not only this, John aka Freestyleradio1 has even gone as far as changing his casting name 🙂

The Music Man lol, this dudes gone from being one of the most respected casters to sounding like he’s become a children’s entertainer. I can just picture him dressing up like Glensroom and running around sixty 7-10yr old kids shouting ‘here’s the music maaannn’

Anyway, i recorded the show and it just needs editing now for some decent highlights, although his ‘exclusive’ interview between Shez Jackson and one of the viewers Paul outside some hotel in Coventry will defo be uploaded. Apart from that and his repeated ‘ we are on lockdown on here Fawny, thanks for coming’ every 10 mins, there wasn’t much else interesting to be honest.

Oh how the mighty have fallen.

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