Hank And Uvlog Discover That Ryan Is…

A dipshit! You can sort of sense that he’s already starting to grate on people over at Uvlog, always throwing comments in that make no sense at all, or have already been pointed out etc:

Lets see poor Hankslounge realising that there is just nothing upstairs when it comes to Dovers dumbass.

So everyone else can put their right age in, but it’s a bug, coz emptyhead fooks his up..hmmm, ok.

Anyway, now it’s time for Mark to have to put up with guy’s gibberish.

It’s no wonder this dude just sit’s on his arse all day flooding the Uvlog Facebook group, i mean, seriously, could you put up with plantpot if there was no close button?

One Thought to “Hank And Uvlog Discover That Ryan Is…”

  1. Haha What the heck is Ryan going on about he speaks Jibberish and in riddles.

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