Quick, Hide Me, Now, Please…

Well what a fun day it has been on Uvlog. Poor old Dick (NorthernMonkey) was flapping more than a drug dealer going through customs, all because someone managed to enter his cast, even though it was set at friends only.





I must credit the anon for the screenshots, but especially for the video of his cast. It is about as angry as you can get, from him wanting Soultrain to die live on cam, to not giving Claire from Switzerland the password to his cast because she will record it and send it here hahahaha, to him blubbering and calling Uvlog, yep, just like he did Vaughn. Video will be up in the morning 🙂


2 Thoughts to “Quick, Hide Me, Now, Please…”

  1. Is it me or is dicky's spelling getting worse?

  2. It's definitely getting worse, think it's the stress lol. You should see his face twitching all through last nights cast, i'll upload some clips later, just got to be careful what i show, don't want to drop our anon in it like i did Angie grrr

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