Mom’s , Baths And Things You Just…

…shouldn’t be thinking about, not if you are right in  the head anyway. I don’t know what it is with these guys, but they all seem to be perverts. You’ve got Ryan and his constant thoughts of sex with dogs (yep, the four legged ones) Freestyleradio1 and his sordid fantasies of NorthernMonkey in a mankini, Shez, well Shez is just Shez and Enema_within, he seems the only one never to talk about sex full stop. He probably gets his kicks over some conspiracy theorist on Youtube, fapping away while some nutter fills his head with more bullshit.

But i think this has to be probably the most worrying ‘fetish’ of them all. Could this explain why Richard still lives at home?
In the next video, we’ll see Dicky casting with a greenscreen shot of Mark Vaughn’s studio in the background, with Miss Scruffy’s picture on the wall. Sounds normal right? Just watch and listen to what Richard comes out with when asked about the picture, i tell you, he’s disturbed. modestbranding=1&showinfo=0&version=2&fs=1

My lord, has this guy got a thing about bathing his mother and shaving her, wtf? It’s the way his face lights up when he’s describing what he ‘does’ for his ‘mum’ This dude’s got issues, trust me.

4 Thoughts to “Mom’s , Baths And Things You Just…”

  1. Anonymous

    I shudder to think about any other dark macabre fantasies this (man?) has running around in his pea sized brain,he should change his name to Disturbia in Suburbia

  2. Definitely some issues going on here with them comments from northern monkey

  3. Any normal person would say things like 'oh there's my mum, she's been cooking dinner or cleaning up etc, oh no, Dirty Dicky thinks about shaving his mum in the bath, pervert lol.

  4. Sick in the head. How many pervs are there in their little arty of casters

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