Nate The Great Psychic…

..or fake? I’ve never watched his cast before, but after receiving an email saying that tricky Dicky was going to have his cards read, i thought it would be rude not to pop in 🙂

Anyway, i don’t know if i missed Dick’s reading or if it was a hoax email, but once there, it was quite interesting to see he was doing cards, no, not poker, not tarot cards, but just normal playing cards and somehow becoming a psychic.

Now those of you that know me well, will know i’m the biggest skeptic when it comes to anything like this, but surely even the biggest believer must watch this and think…wtf?


3 Thoughts to “Nate The Great Psychic…”

  1. He is as fake as a pair of Adidas two stripe Trainers lol, plus you never see the cards, reminds me of Mystic meg Tonights winner is watching tv, tonights winners are holding a pen or pencil.

  2. That's what all these so called psychic's do, just explain the obvious. I still can't believe he told her that she should should lend the neighbour all that money to buy a house and virtually guaranteed she'd get it back, when he doesn't even know them lol

  3. made me laugh as you never even seen the cards, lets hope she does not lend the money

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