When Is The 2nd Coming?

I’m sure it’s been a good couple of weeks or so since the great one announced his highly anticipated comeback. Remember this.

So far he’s done a couple of quick tests, but no full blown entertainment experience. Maybe he’s adding a bit of colour to his all green attic, or maybe (or more in hope) he’s been practicing some new dance moves, instead of the exact same ones he throws out week after week.

Either way, it would be nice if this biblical style comeback would happen any time soon, we need some more of this for the lulz.

Plus the fact i’ve got plenty of hard drives to fill up 😉 So Come on down Shezzer, your audience awaits.

2 Thoughts to “When Is The 2nd Coming?”

  1. Anonymous

    lets hope he doesn't bring his old grey boxers out of retirement,

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