DJ Orale And Shez Butthurt

I always thought DJOrale was an alright dude till tonight. This guy used to cast for NextCut and we used to support him, then, for whatever reason, he left that channel and moved to Lethal Dose Radio.

Then because Angie2013 was featured, he got butthurt real bad, saying how the fook can the vodka nurse be featured ( i guess ahead of him)

See, this guy’s so dumb, he can’t tell the difference between a nurse and a nun? Then Shezzer pipes up, and when i say up, i mean literally up Orales’s ass:

Then Orale hinted at Shez casting on that channel.

Oh wait, does this mean Dicky, John, Ryan and Enema have now been dumped? Has Shezzer ‘moved on’ from the muppets and found new buddies?

This is gonna be fun guy’s 🙂

4 Thoughts to “DJ Orale And Shez Butthurt”

  1. Was Shez Trolling or being serious 🙂 Could Shezza be deserting his buddies, We will have to wait and see, and as For Nurse Vodka haha,

  2. Anonymous

    Due to the fact that they've got their tongues so far up each others arses probably explains why they are talking so much shite, but what i really can't understand is them being so butthurt just because wee ang was featured, i mean ffs the woman aint got a bad bone in her body.

  3. To be fair, i don't think it's personal against Ang, if you remember, in the early day's, all the hate was towards Frank Taylor because he was always number 1, then the jealousy shifted towards SexyChris because he ruled the number 1 slot, now Angie. They just can't stand the thought of anyone being more popular than them. Surprised and saddened that Orale has turned that way though, seriously thought he was ok. Just show's, when you lurk, you see the real side of people.

  4. I agree Karl. so many jealous of the other casters. it is good getting to the top spot, but being jealous of someone else is kindergarten stuff. it's time the children grew up and got along with the others. there's too many casters stopped casting due to other casters jealousy. looks like more of the lurkers / guests are getting known now by the crap they spouting. as for a vodka nurse, i ain't seen that one yet. only a nun with a bottle of vodka on her profile.

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