Has That Nasty Man Soultrain Struck Again?

Just in case you have been on planet Mars the few hours, Vaughnlive has been down since yesterday evening. Now what on earth could of caused the site to be down for so long?

Ah, there you go, problems with the data centre, but will Calival accept this?

Nope, she’s adamant that the ‘wonderful person’  Soultrain has damaged it all, can see we need Mark to verify this.



3 Thoughts to “Has That Nasty Man Soultrain Struck Again?”

  1. haha, Soultrain is Innocent. 🙂

  2. Val / Victor will blame anyone but him / her self.

  3. Anonymous

    If calival has a cat and it has kittens no prizes for guessing who's gonna get the blame for that.

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