The ‘It Wasn’t’ Him Saga Continues

It seems the ‘blame him even if it wasn’t him’ epidemic started by Calival is spreading amongst the VaughnLive community. After i was blamed for just about everything going lol, it appears the new victim is Shawnio over at Letsstalk.

I think Alixxx is on about the video i posted on here with Orale dancing away and she’s got the blogs mixed up. I read Shawnio’s blog daily and haven’t come across anything about any of the LDR gang, so although he probably wouldn’t care less anyway, i feel it’s only right to inform everyone that Shawnio this time is innocent, before any of the LDR crew see their ass and start having a go at someone for no reason.

One Thought to “The ‘It Wasn’t’ Him Saga Continues”

  1. Anonymous

    Numpties can't tell their soultrain's from their shawnio's lol

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