Vaughn Name #319

The 3 fingered inbred a.k.a Calival has another account on Vaughn lol, here’s the new name to look out for:

Quite appropriate ‘poop’ lol, as you can see, new name, same old Val hehehe. What is with all these Americans and thinking they are all ‘gangsters’ don’t they realise how stupid it makes you look when you come out with all these idle threats, then nothing happens?

Oh, just in case she tries to make out that poop isn’t her, she tried to clear the chat, not before i screencapped it all though 😉 but then after getting rid of the evidence, then goes and does this….lol

2 Thoughts to “Vaughn Name #319”

  1. Lol i see Calival is chatting the usual poop, blaming others, when its probably Calival doing all the trolling

  2. Anonymous

    Lol sock, so the LDR family are gonna get soultrain, would that be the adam's family by any chance,ffs grow up and act your age not your IQ

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