When You’re A Superstar, You Have A Studio

Not like us mere mortals, casting with our poxy HD webcams and Virtual DJ. Heaven forbid, when someone as ‘successful’ as Shezzer takes to the internet, you have a fully up to date, pimped up, state of the art studio:

Now this is what happens when you believe you’re own hype. I actually do believe, in his mind, that his attic, painted green everywhere with a couple of mirrors in,  is now a dance studio that would make Louie Spence proud. Complete with HD camera’s and software that would put the BBC to shame and lighting to light the whole of Coventry.

Whereas in reality, it’s a tiny attic, everything painted green with just about enough room to get 2 chairs in and a laptop, running xSplit for visuals and a microphone that looks like an enormous dildo.

But this is Shezzer, the dude that couldn’t leave the house a few months back, yet now claim’s to be working full time ( but that’s for a later post) At least his wages were spent on something useful:

3 Thoughts to “When You’re A Superstar, You Have A Studio”

  1. lol Bless, its a Attic Painted green, Sure Shezza said he has to dance in a certain part of the attic has the roof is lower at the sides, 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    His attic can not be that small as he did manage to fit Mr freestyle in it 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    Dance studio my arse shez.Oh did i mention the fact that i'm sending this post from my Edwardian mansion.well its really a 4 bedroom council house in glasgow. sorry folks that was just a wee shez moment i had there.

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