Don’t Believe The Rumours

Our Shezzer should become a PR for the famous and wealthy, not only is he good at bullshitting, he’s also the king of spin doctors. After sort of doing a cast on LDR  tonight, he finishes of with this beauty that would make Max Clifford proud



Yeah, it’s all rumours Shez 😉

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized


3 Thoughts to “Don’t Believe The Rumours”

  1. Ummm Rumours, I think you mean the truth,
    Just have the balls Shez to admit what you did.

  2. Anonymous

    People are good enough to give up their time to go in to a cast and shez tries to play them as if they were fools by telling them not to believe the rumours, it's only a matter of time as to when these people will see through your spineless lies and deceit shez, as i did, so man up shez and start by telling the truth, as the man said the truth will set you free.

  3. Anonymous

    What do shez and a eunuch have in common……..both of them have no balls lol.

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