Enema Within: Sponsored By Giff Gaff

Now that he only broadcasts on Spreaker, i thought it only right to see if the original borefest has upped his game, or is still as drab and brain numbing as before?


Nothing changed then. It’s funny how he tries to claim that the podcast is sponsored by Giff Gaff, as though they have an official sponsorship or something, when in reality, all he’s doing is trying to make a few quid by hoping idiots will change their network.

So basically, he will tell you that Giff Gaff sponsor his cast, fill your head with a load of bullshit like Giff Gaff are the best network and how they offer unlimited download (as if other networks don’t lol ) and how good they are when your stuck in a field with a load of other brain dead imbeciles and you want to cast:


Still shameless as ever, i would laugh if didn’t pay him, he will be raging, making Youtube video’s saying how crap they are etc, JTV and Vaughn style 🙂
Listen to his homemade jingle though, he always sounds as dull as dishwater, the dude needs to have some fun instead of just reading retarded articles all the time.


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