Freestyleradio1 Is Still An Idiot

We all know he still lurks on peoples casts over at Vaughn, but will never sign in, because as he puts it ” Vaughn is just drunks, druggies and attention seekers” Now this is coming from a guy who does nothing in life apart from sponge off his wife, sit at home and bitch about everyone…

As you can see, nothing’s changed, still a bitter old man. I’ve blocked out the person he was talking to because he’s a genuine bloke, so don’t really want to ‘attach’ him so to speak to the other retards.

See the way he say’s he’s not back on the radio as he can’t get himself motivated…he’s talking about amateur radio, now i can’t say for 100%, but i hear that he pissed someone off on there and was getting trolled badly, but hey, John never lies, so we’ll take his version as legit for now 😉

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