LDR: Kepping The Entertainment Lethal

Good old Shezzer, never disappoints hehe. I missed nearly all the drama over in LDR last night, it was only when an anon sent the following screenshot that i even knew Shez was casting.

Well he did promise the guy’s that he would make them some new stuff up for the channel and well, at least he keppt his promise 😉

By the time i got there the drama was coming to an end, so only caught the last few minutes or so, but from what i could gather, people were trolling Shezzer (surprise surprise) and apparently some woman’s nipples were showing in a gif he had made. The trolls then said they were going to report the channel and by pure coincidence, Shez’ cast went off.

Now this is where i entered, so didn’t catch much. It starts just after his cast comes back on, so after ranting about me snitching on him and what he was going to do etc, he realises he’s made a fool of himself, then tries to apologise 🙂

                                            He apologises to his own thoughts…good lad

Now his head is consumed with paranoid thoughts and confusion, so much so, he tries to clear the chat, while still a guest lol.

It was old chap, just a shame i missed the good parts. If anyone got the earlier bits and would like to send them in, you can do so anonymously through the contact us form, or put the links in the comment section.

Oh and just for the record, i don’t snitch and no i don’t send racist comments, if i want to troll you, i just let you know i’m watching, then sit back and record as everything goes to pot 🙂

                                                               Tally ho old bean

3 Thoughts to “LDR: Kepping The Entertainment Lethal”

  1. Anonymous

    Honestly folks it was so funny when shez spit the dummy and stormed out the room like a big kid who had just been told by his parents that he wasn't allowed on his Xbox, shez then went on a rant bleating that "he knew who the rat was" that just got him banned, and that he was gonna get him back. then shez came back in all apologetic with his tail firmly between his legs when he realised that it was just VL playing up, what was even more hilarious was the paranoia of the mods clearing the chat every time they seen something in the chat that they thought might appear on the blog, so yep shez i'm in total agreement with you , yep it was so funny….and just like daz i to would also like to state that i have never and never will make any racist remarks towards you on chat in your cast,and we all know that the mr patel crap (notice how i know how to spell it) was just a set up to discredit me and daz… peace out girls.

  2. Hehehe, i missed most of it , was lurking in IP's channel. Oh well, there will be plenty more fun times ahead 🙂

  3. Maybe if Shez looked at the amount of people he has banned on the UK invasion channel and his own Channel, he will realise there is a whole list of People who could of reported him, and still troll him,

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