Shezzer Has A Meltdown pt 2

Ok, so now somebody is posting racist comments in Shez’ channel, but give him due, he still insists on not banning the guests, for now.

Now i have a rough idea who was posting those comments and no, not DiscoDave. If you lurked around Vaughnlive enough, you will see which room the ‘Mr Patel’ comments towards Shez are used. For now though, lets take a look at the video.

Straight away he starts to accuse DiscoDave of posting those racist comments, yet in the next video, he tries to say he doesn’t ‘assume’ it’s anybody posting anything, unless there is proof. He’s not the only one, Dicky jumps on the bandwagon, making accusations too.

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4 Thoughts to “Shezzer Has A Meltdown pt 2”

  1. Anonymous

    Finding it hard to type here due to the fact that i'm pmsl, as usual the muppets get it all wrong, i can honestly say with my hand on my heart that discodave didn't even know that you were casting shez let alone make racist comments to you in it, now is that clear. oh and dickie i totally agree that discodave is a scottish cunt and he's proud of it, but then again dickie you will always be known as the sad wee wanker from rotherham who can't get himself a woman in the real world……..all the best girls from…..DISCODAVE.

  2. At first i thought i knew which guys were posting the racist stuff, then looking back, whenever i've been lurking and have seen the people who refer to Shez as Mr Patel and the Indian waiter etc, they spell it correctly. Which, if you look through the chat, the only person who spells it wrong is the guest…and Dicky. I wouldn't be surprised if it was him as a guest, after all, remember the e-mail that Scotty received, giving him shit? Well Dicky and Shez were in Scotty's head, telling him it was me…only thing they didn't consider, was the fact i don't know any e-mails for Scotty, as i've never asked and he's not on my Facebook? So obviously, somebody who DOES know his email has sent it him and not used their brains….sound like a Dicky moment anyone? 😉

  3. Anonymous

    Yep, the other thing that i noticed and found a tad strange was the guest? referring to shez's attic as the green room, now we all know that only the muppets or friends of shez call it the green room.

  4. Ah yeah, probably Dicky then.

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