The Word On The Street: The Entertainer Is Back

Yes, that’s right, the ‘showman’ is back for a Saturday night. 2 hours of the Shez_Jackson ‘experience’ on Vaughn, those 143 followers must be dropping everything their doing, leaving work early and jumping online to see the ‘showbiz’ king:

Oops, oh well, Gibby’s there, guess it wont be long before the fans start to rush in and melt Mark’s servers…

Oh…ok, maybe not, back to Frank Taylors cast it is then.

Update: Breaking news…more people come to view the experience, well, one did:

Ok, as you were, back to Franks it is..

Update 2: Ok, after uKAnDy had left, like 10 mins ago, Shezzer decides to log back in and goes mental lol:

Hehe, still same ego, still can’t take any criticism, still same old Shezzer. Now to try and protect his reputation, he logs back in AGAIN, mods up Tom and Gibby, then logs out again, just to sit there and watch an empty channel lol.

Now this is like the good old days 🙂

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