Veronika Makes Her Debut

We all know she’s as crazy as a bag of hammers, but after months of torturing us with her erratic typing, she finally made her broadcasting debut.

We have to be careful with what screenshots are posted because Vera being Vera, decided to take her false teeth out and err, do something with a banana…

I think that’s about the only one we could publish 🙂 Fair play to her though, for her 1st cast, she pulled in some great viewing figures.


3 Thoughts to “Veronika Makes Her Debut”

  1. Anonymous

    Nice one, let's hope this is the first of many.

  2. Well done Veronika 🙂

  3. Top casting there Veronika, Puts the LDR crew to shame, becareful getting to number one though as DjOrale doesn't like females getting featured.

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