Wu_Tang Pay’s The Price

Remember DJ Chris from LDR refusing to let Wu_Tang leave? Well, nobody seems to have seen or heard of him since. After hours of trawling through the t’internet trying to find out just what did happen to poor Wu, we were extremely disturbed to see just how much he had paid for wanting out.

Don’t f*ck with the LDR crew
Well, ok, lets just 😉
Disclaimer: That’s not really Wu_Tangs foot and LDR didn’t really punish him*
*Just in case anybody takes it seriously and phones the police lol.
**The foot is actually Eve’s after her recent car accident which as you can see, sadly ended up with having to have the damages toes amputated. Hope you get get well soon from all here at UKM.

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  1. Yes get well soon Eve and hope you are ok.

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