Bishh Is Back…Or Is She?

I know the Vaughn’s are very forgiving, well they have unbanned everyone at some point, but one person i wasn’t sure would ever return, is the gorgeous, but off her tits Bishh.

Aside from constantly flashing her naked body on cam ( as fit as it is, it’s against the rules ) openly taking drugs, ripping off everyone she meets , and being  permanently sozzled, she does tend to get a lot of the female caster’s backs up (can’t imagine why) and her return is sure to ruffle a few feathers 😉

But..but, is it her? She was in Foxman’s room last night, and despite everyone asking her to co-host and show herself, i think all anyone saw was a dog which was supposedly Elly? Bishh, camera shy??

Maybe she is back, or maybe someone’s hacked her account, but one thing is guaranteed, if the Bishh is back, anyone’s hopes of ever getting to the number one slot are literally pissed out of the window:

Update: Yep, Bishh is back lol

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