CKA Ryan Still Butthurt Over Wintard

I think it would be fair to say that Ryan is ‘odd’ at best, but why he’s so butthurt over me complimenting Wintard i don’t know. He tries to convince everyone that i’m an ‘old man’ who likes to watch young boys cast. Ok, lets take a proper look at this.

1 –  None of the UK Muppets are what you could call young. Ryan is about 31, Tom and Dicky are both in their 30’s too.
2 – I watch and record their casts to laugh at and share for others to piss their pants laughing at too, but:
3 – If i’m an ‘old man’ who likes to watch guy’s in their 30’s make complete tits of themselves, and i’m 42, could Ryan please explain what reason John (freestyleradio1) has to watch the same guys when he is 47-48, also Shezzer who’s 45?

Maybe that just makes them even ‘older’ men who like watching young boys then eh?

But his confusion doesn’t end there. Last night he was in Ireland’s Patriot’s cast, when he noticed Winter was in there on a Skype call with IP.

Then once i let him know i was there, he bizarrely changed and claimed it wasn’t Winter i had the crush on, but Ireland’s Patriot himself who i was ‘perving’ over. Jeez, make your mind up Ryan lol.

Then, like the confused retard he is, he then has a re-think, and decides no, it’s not Sean i am watching, it’s women again…yayyyyy 🙂

At this point, i just gave up on the imbecile and carried on watching the drama happening with Sean and James Anderson, while Ryan desperately continued to beg for attention, until he realised that literally nobody cared what he was mumbling on about, and off to LDR he went with his tail between his legs.

Now for a guy who claims nobody cares what i do or say, he’s showing very strange symptoms of a very angry, butthurt little ‘boy’ 🙂

                                                  Tally ho!

3 Thoughts to “CKA Ryan Still Butthurt Over Wintard”

  1. haha oh Dear Ryan, you have issues, have you tried anger management. hope you feel better soon.

  2. Anonymous

    Butthurt ryan talks a lot, but says nothing.

  3. what is strange to me is, how does Ryan actually know if soultrain is there or not. i think yan is paranoid all the time and wants to calm down before he bursts a blood vessel or causes himself an heart attack with the high blood pressure. Get a life Ryan and find someone who actually likes you, rather than trolling the casts for attention.

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