Hank And Ryan Didn’t Argue

Ok, none of the UK Invasion ever visit this blog remember, so i’m assuming some totally random person just visited the blog, took the screenshot and anonymously sent it to Ryan, right?

Or, like we all know, they visit here daily, often several times, and get mad, then try to convince themselves everything is ok, nobody comes here, nobody will see it.

This is continuing from the post i made a few days ago about thicko hijacking posts and spouting irrelevant bullshit.

He still has constant thoughts of animal sex it seems, this lad is one strange fucker , i mean, where the fuck does switch your tv off come from??

Notice Hank, in a diplomatic way tries to get through to Ryan that a Facebook page about Uvlog should be just that lol.

Well, at least thicko had 1 person who agreed with his comment.

Ryan then tries his hardest to predict how i would view Hank agreeing with me.

Once again, emptyhead fails….

New day, same Ryan.

3 Thoughts to “Hank And Ryan Didn’t Argue”

  1. Anonymous

    Honestly these obsessions and fantasies that ryan has about people and dogs making out are both creepy and disgusting, i would suggest that ryan seeks help from a doctor about this, or then again in ryan's case maybe a vet would be more suited.

  2. People of Dover Kent need warning about this very odd obsession he has,

  3. The welsh love sheep, the Dover people love dogs.

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