The Paranoia Bug Claims Another Victim

Not long ago it was only Shezzer and Dicky that were constantly paranoid of anything they did or said. Remember Shez clearing the chat every few minutes and Dicky refusing anyone but his Invasion buddies into his cast lol.

Well it’s with great sadness , or is it amusement… not quite sure, probably the latter, that we have to announce that the man formally known as J_Prez1978 has now crossed over from sanity, to the world of deep paranoia.

I hadn’t even posted a single word or emote in LDR, yet J_Prez went on a mad one, clearing the chat every few seconds.

As explained above, i was watching him reading the Shez posts on the blog, then he left a comment, nothing nasty, just a  bit of a moan, but to play with his head, as he cleared the chat again, i cleared his comment from the blog lol. Not very mature i know, but i was just in one of those giggly moods and was playing mind games with him.

Moving on, guess what he did seconds after he posted that last message?

Yep, the chat cleared AGAIN. Didn’t take the over eating retard long to stick her nose in did it? Watch how Prez is clocking the amount of viewers, compared to those signed in? This was an old habit of Freestyleradio1’s, it drives them insane when they see like 13 people in the channel, but only themselves signed in hehe.

But what made me chuckle the most is the fact that it’s like if anyone mentions Soultrain, they have to justify saying it, or they are gonna get banned or something.

I’m starting to think these guy’s are funnier than the old UK Invasion 🙂

4 Thoughts to “The Paranoia Bug Claims Another Victim”

  1. Ha Ha they can not even stay in their own casts now without being paranoid, one mention of soultrain and all hell breaks out. What a childish bunch of ……..

  2. Anonymous

    Lol, i'll finish it off for you Jack……wankers.

  3. So they think the other 6 people (lurkers) are all Soultrain lolz

  4. I hope to god that there is an old Soul Train compilation cd released and advertised on tv one day. Can you imagine them hearing the name Soultrain coming out of their tv's too…they would need sectioning lol.

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