The Massive Flop

It’s been dying a slow, painful death for weeks now, but last night was almost time to give it it’s last rites.

We are of course talking about Lethaldoseradio. The self acclaimed ‘big time’ set of dj’s couldn’t pull their pants up, never mind a decent size audience.

It’s been gradually losing viewers week after week, but Orale was still able to at least get in double viewing figures. Even the great one and his ‘shaaaooowww’can no longer convince people to watch this tripe.

ldr resort to spamming

It was pitiful, having to spam the room in the hope it will move them up the top bar. I almost felt sorry for him, until i remembered him having the cheek to insult Angie2013 just because he thought he had the divine right to be number 1 and not her.

You could always do a Calival and make up about 20 different accounts 🙂

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