MichelleStacey: The Saviour Of VaughLive

This woman is becoming the new AdamBro with her lies and delusions. She has now latched on to Jimmy Rizzo’s channel and is trying to convince them all that she is popular on Vaughn…

Here we start with her claiming that SexyChris told her about him doing things with MeNellie.

michellestacy bullshit 1

Yeah, of course he did, i mean, not that she watched the Gif on Letsstalk, nope, her and Chris were best buddies you know!

Michellestacy bullshit 2

So now she’s claimed to be best friends with Chris, she now turns to the fallout with RealmanPwns. The guest 856 is me btw 🙂

Michellestacey bullshit 3

She really is butthurt that RM doesn’t miss her at all isn’t she. While he has given up alcohol, is losing weight and even out cycling, she just sits there day in day out, watching her life pass by.

Michellestacey bullshit 4

More bullshit. Those of you who watch RM will know he doesn’t hold a grudge. He might call you a k*nt one day, but the next he will talk to you like nothings ever happened. It was Michelle who who got all pissy and went in a huff.

Michellestacey bullshit 5

Another lie. Do you really think RM would give up drinking just because someone told him to?

Michellestacey bullshit 6

Now she’s back to her usual bitching about everybody. Notice the sly little dig at Sarahsixtwo about the shouting in front of their kids?

Michellestacey bullshit 7

Yeah, i mean everyone needs MichelleStacey in their casts to get viewers….

Michellestacey bullshit 8

See how she tries to backtrack on the subject of Sarahsixtwo, claiming she hasn’t seen it, so she’s just gossiping then…as per

Michellestacey bullshit 9

This was the classic part for me. She forgets people have watched her for years. She is always there when there is drama happening.

As Foxmanshawn would say

Act right Michelle!!

2 Thoughts to “MichelleStacey: The Saviour Of VaughLive”

  1. LOL Karl this post pretty much sums up how big of a blogging failure you actually are, it’s like you are sexually attracted to sexychris or something

    1. Good evening once again Shawnio.

      Would you care to explain how showing just what a cunt Theresa is (remember that ONLY this failed blog actually doxxed her) appears as me having sexual feelings for SexyChris?


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