NorthernMonkey: Finally Lost It

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen some corkers come from the old UK Invasion lot, but this next bit is an epic example of delusion. Dicky has 2 channels on Just-Cast, one under TheNortherMonkey and the other under just Richard. But it’s the ‘About Us’ section that makes this a classic.

dicky now an IT expert on just cast

I swear to god, i laughed and laughed for about 2 hours after reading that. I know the guys running that site are not the most competent , but man, you would have to be virtually unable to turn a computer on if you need to ask Dicky for any IT advice, Jesus Christ.

We are talking about a dude who doesn’t even now how a VPN operates, let alone coding or databases etc.

This is screencap of 2014 so far for me, absolutely hilarious.

Well done Richard.

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