RealmanPwns: The Juice Diet Day 9

Well if i’m to be honest, after watching RM do his 3 rounds everyday, for years on end, i never ever thought i would see him give up his alcohol for this long. But credit where it’s due, he’s not only gave up drinking, he’s also sticking to his diet, and boy, is he losing weight.

16 pounds in 9 days is pretty good going in anyone’s book. I do hope he sticks at, VaughnLive with no Realman would be like toast without butter. Long live the Pwns i say!

Just think, at this rate, by Christmas 2015, Realman could be looking this:

2 Thoughts to “RealmanPwns: The Juice Diet Day 9”

  1. well done Realman, on sticking to your diet

  2. Nah there cant be two Dickys

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