Wintard: The Exclusive Interview

She’s one of the most in demand girls from the USA and one the prettiest. She’s wanted by every young guy across the world, and we got the hot exclusive  interview right here.

Despite her owning the number one slot all evening, we managed to get 10 minutes of her time to ask a couple of popular questions.

UKM: Wintard, you have been number one on Vaughn all evening, congratulations.

wintard 102 viewers

UKM: As you are probably aware, CKA_Ryan, aka Ryan Carr, said you are so into him, that you had his face and name tattoo’d on your thigh.

Wintard tattoo on leg

UKM: Would this be true?

Wintard shocked

UKM: Ah yes, we thought it was just one of his strange fantasies too. Now we know you are pushed for time, so one last quick question,

CKA_Ryan…Rambo or Retard?

Wintard doing mad expression

Yes, we agree.

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized







2 Thoughts to “Wintard: The Exclusive Interview”

  1. DaveTheRave

    Oh dear, Ryan aint gonna be wagging his tail when he reads this.

  2. Funny Commenter

    I’ve never understood how people go crazy for someone online and flirt with them etc. It’s crazy. All it takes is a woman online who isn’t hideous then all the boys on the site go ga-ga….she could ask for money and everyone would pay up lol

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