Wintard: As Modest As Ever

Looks like our resident Wintard stalker has been up to his usual failed tricks.

Wintard and blogs 1


Hmm, i’ve not seen any posts regarding Wintard on any of the other blogs apart from this one? Maybe i’m wrong, but i usually read through most of the well known ones, so either i’m blind as a bat, or that’s Dovers biggest freak, Ryan Carr.

As for talking bad about her, the only posts about her directly were these two. and

Still, she was actually surprised that she was blogged about.

Wintard and blogs 2

So there we have another failure in the daily life of the Dover dumbass.

One Thought to “Wintard: As Modest As Ever”

  1. Taxi for CKA Ryan

    Ryan it’s time for your rest now, your minds playing games with you.

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