A Hairless Monkey?

According to that really honest character Richard Swann, aka NorthernMonkey, he’s a ‘young’ lad as he puts it, 26 in fact. Now we know different, but lets just humour him for one evening and take another look at the 8 stone badboy:

dicky latest pic

Ok, does this really look like a 26 year old? How many 26 year old men do you know that have hair that’s receding quicker than a French Army?

Going bald, living at home and creepy looking as hell, you’ve got a lot going for you Dicky, well done lad.

One Thought to “A Hairless Monkey?”

  1. Mabozuritchy

    What a ugly fkr, this guy must have been slapped in the face instead of his arse when he came in to this world

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