The JTV Invasion Begins

Now that has finally closed for good, VaughnLive are getting a lot of it’s casters. here’s two we found this morning.


This is Sugarpet, another Wintard, looks about 14, but must be 18+.  Seems like a nice enough girl, very polite and respectful (as Bishh warned her, she’ll need to toughen up to survive on Vaughn )

Sugarpet 1

Sugarpet 2

Sugarpet 3

Sugarpet 4


If and i mean if, she can handle the trolls, she will become a huge hit on Vaughn.


Another female caster from JTV,  pretty looking, although didn’t say or do much while i was there.

HeikeJustSayin 1

HeikeJustSayin 2

HeikeJustSayin 3


Too hard to say yet, will know more in a week or two once she feels a bit more comfortable. Good looking though, so guaranteed to have all the young lads sniffing around her.

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