You Know You’ve Hit Rock Bottom

…when you have to rely on NorthernMonkey as a Tech Admin. I mean, come on, this clown doesn’t even know what Linux is, and you’re putting him out there to help people with technical problems?


Oh lord, this is going to be hilarious. I’m going to make a load of accounts and do a ‘ask Dicky’ section, just to laugh at this idiots replies lol

2 Thoughts to “You Know You’ve Hit Rock Bottom”

  1. Ryan

    This is hilarious. Great tech support. “It’s uhm….no wait…I’m not sure…I think I’m wrong. No, that’s not right. Wait…it’s uhm….”

    And he got the AAC vs. mp3 thing backwards, not to mention AAC has a higher sound quality at 320 than mp3 does, he neglects to mention that as well.

    He used to have technical problems EVERY DAMN DAY NEARLY when he was casting for me on Aftermath Radio…choppiness, different volumes different days, having trouble turning the mic on or off, not being able to stay in chat.

  2. not a clue but know more than you

    Kodaks? did I hear Dicky mention Kodaks, Aren’t they a camera / photography company and nothing to do with Codecs. Then again AAC take too much space unlike Mp3s? where does this guy dream them up. AAC is compressed just like Mp3, and does not take up more room on your disc than mp3s. If brains were dynamite Dicky wouldn’t have enough part his hair.

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